Island Pontoon Rental FAQs – ALWAYS Captained Pontoons!

Yes! The lily pad is included in the price of the boat rental. ***Note*** – if you damage the lily pad (major rips or tears), you will be charged for the price of the lily pad. So treat them well. Prices can vary from minimum of $250 to $500 depending on size and brand of lily pad.
NO! All marina’s (except for Paradise Cove Marina) on Lake Travis do NOT allow any kind of charter to pickup, drop off, or operate out on their docks – it’s for insurance reasons.
Yes! We can definitely take you to restaurants or bars near by! We love to support local small business!
NO! Absolutely Not! We have to abide by all laws and regulations to keep our business and our insurances.
Yes! No need for you to bring a cooler! A very large cooler is supplied.
The captain’s tip is covered under the “Captain Service Fee” in your contract. It is 20% of the price of your rental (including tax). Well paid captains are good captains 🙂 DO NOT short them, stiff them – you will be charged the full 20%, plus processing fees and taxes.
You pay the captain service fee via Venmo, Cashapp, and other payment apps, directly to your captain. Make sure to gather the funds ahead of time from your party to send in ONE lump sum. Your captain will not accept 12 different payments. So be organized.
During the busy season, NO… we run hundreds of party boat charters, and keeping our schedules is crucial. Outside of March through 1st week of September, we can be flexible. Call or email us for those circumstances.
No! Our pontoons are always captained, BY OUR STAFF – ZERO exceptions! This is for safety and insurance reasons.
No silly string, glitter, jello shots, or red wine. These products stain the boat, and you will be charged a minimum of a $200.00 clean up fee.
Yes! No need to bring any kind of stereo equipment. These pontoons come with loud sound systems and bluetooth connectivity onboard.
If we have lightning, heavy rains, or dangerous winds,  the captain will cancel the charter (CAPTAIN MAKES THE CALL ON WEATHER, NOT THE CUSTOMER). If there is a light sprinkle, the boat will still go out on the charter. If the weather starts out nice, then we run into in-climate weather, we will bring the boat back in early, and you will only be charged for the time you were out. Captain makes the call on the weather, not the customer!  Austin’s weather is much different than any other part of the country…for example, a large cell could be coming up from the Gulf of Mexico, and would have extremely heavy rains hit Houston. When the cell makes it’s way up to Austin, because we are in the hill county, the cell will break up and hit different parts of Austin and surrounding areas. We can get heavy rains in downtown Austin, and it will not hit Lake Travis, or vise-versa… As it passed through Austin, it many times reorganizes itself, and hammers Dallas, just as it does Houston. Even if we have a 70-90% chance of rain, it is not a gaurentee that we will get it, or it will be short bursts like what you see in Florida, and things are back to normal in 15 minutes. AGAIN, WE CALL IT ON THE WEATHER! LAST SECOND CANCELLATIONS BY THE CUSTOMER WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL BALANCE ON THE BOAT.
Captains are assigned to their specific boat. Rent that specific boat to get that captain.
Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days, but we also book many bachelor and bachelorette parties Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well. Since we have come out of Covid, our business is up over 200%. You will have a great time no matter what because we are just super busy, and so are all the other boat companies.
Liquor bottles only, not beer bottles on our pontoons, they will break if we are in heavy waves going to and from the coves. Do not bring fine china on any of our boats.